My Research Projects

My Current Research Project is realized thanks to the funding of EUTOPIA Postdoctoral Fellowship and within the Research Foundation Flanders – Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The Radical Right and Anti-Gender Movements in Central Eastern Europe: the implications of mobilization for European integration and Gender Equality in Georgia and Ukraine

The proposed project addresses the implications that growing right-wing populism has for democratic development in the Eastern European region. It seeks to offer insights on new forms of transnational mobilization and resistances to gender equality and LGBTI rights within specific regional and national settings. Using a combination of methodological approaches, such as frame analysis, discourse analysis, ethnography, visual, and content analysis, the project aims:

– to examine how geopolitical context shapes political practices of right-wing populist parties in Eastern Europe

– to explore political, legal, and social implications of right-wing mobilization for Europeanization of national gender policies in Georgia and Ukraine,

– and to evaluate to what extent these new movements may result in building a new far-right paradigm in the region.